Pappelina introducing the world´s first plastic rug made of BIOVYN

bio-attributed PVC, made of wood-based tall oil.
VERA 2.0 Bio edition

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Sustainability in focus for Pappelina

The classic Pappelina design VERA celebrated its 20th birthday in 2022, and to honor this we are presenting a brand-new collection based on the same pattern. A tribute to VERA Classic, but with an exciting, innovative twist.

Since the very beginning of Pappelina, we have aimed towards being a part of a more conscious long-lasting production and design. Always searching for the next step in our sustainability journey and being in the forefront.

Being the original is to be the first in something. As an original, we decided to be first once again.  

The autumn of 2022 we introduced VERA 2.0 Bio Edition - the world’s first plastic rug made of BIOVYN™, a bio-attributed carbon neutral PVC made from wood-based tall oil. VERA 2.0 Bio edition is limited in availability, but our focus is set to develop this concept further!

The goal of a circular economy is to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle the world’s resources. We are proud to present our contribution to circularity and being a part of the new, sustainable material innovation with our new concept BIO EDITION - a big step forward toward carbon neutrality.

So, does this mean that all the other Pappelina rugs made of conventional PVC are less sustainable? No, conventional PVC already has a very low carbon footprint and is a long-lasting material, made to be used for many years to come. Our Bio edition is our contribution to the more conscious design industry. A Pappelina rug is always a good responsible choice.


What is Biovyn™?

“BIOVYN™ - is the world’s first commercially produced bio-attributed PVC, made of wood-based tall oil. Crude wood-based tall oil is a residue of the pulp making process used for paper production and a part of responsible wood sourcing. BIOVYN™ is the next generation PVC made using 100% renewable feedstock not competing with the food chain, delivering a reduction in carbon footprint of more than 90 % compared to conventional produced PVC. BIOVYN™ is a highly sustainable product. This new product is a true leader in emerging circular bio economy. BIOVYN™ is a product from our supplier of all our PVC, INOVYN.

You can read more about BIOVYN™ and INOVYN here.

Why are we doing this?

Pappelinas commitment to sustainability enhances even more with the Vera 2.0 Bio-edition. Pappelina has always aimed to be in the top of the line, regarding sustainability matters. We have a long-standing focus on sustainable products based on PVC. At Pappelina we are constantly working on development to ensure that we have good knowledge of our input materials and learn even more about our PVC material. When our supplier of PVC, (INOVYN), presented this new innovative material that is free of fossils, BIOVYN™, we knew that we wanted to be a part of the possibility to reduce the total CO2 footprint in the world. Needless to say, we were truly excited! The fact that we are also amongst the first to use it makes us proud to yet again be at the forefront.

All of Pappelinas products are environmentally and using BIOVYN™ will enhance the sustainability work even more – stepping up a level towards a more conscious society and a brighter future for both ourselves and the next generations.

Why don't we produce all Pappelina rugs with BIOVYN?

Simply, it is not possible yet due to restricted availability. However, our aim is to develop our Bio edition concept further.

Comments Inna Jeschke, Business Unit Manager Polymers at INOVYN:

“It is exciting to see more and more of our customers such as Pappelina using BIOVYN™ to produce new designs with very strong sustainability credentials, including a significantly lower carbon footprint. With its new VERA 2.0 Bio Edition, Pappelina is taking a further step forward in its sustainability journey, contributing to the circular economy.”

The VERA 2.0 Bio edition Collection

Shimmering and faboulos



VERA 2.0 Bio edition - the world’s first plastic rug made of BIOVYN™, a bio-attributed PVC made from wood-based tall oil. VERA 2.0 Bio edition is a limited edition.

The new VERA-pattern is an updated design of VERA Classic as seen here Lina Rickardsson has designed the new pattern with an intention to keep the significant and loved characteristics of the classic VERA pattern but with a new feeling to it, to meet the demands of rugs that fit in modern homes with contemporary interior design.

The distance between the dots has increased slightly and the rugs are woven in two different weaving techniques to further enhance the structure of the dots and create a sharper contrast. The metallic in the rugs gives a discrete shimmering look that flirts with the light. The colors of the rugs can be perceived in different ways depending on how the light falls on them, this adds an interesting feature to them. 

The rug is for indoor and outdoor use. Woven on traditional looms using wooden shuttles.

With love from Pappelina – giving you a more colorful tomorrow. 


VERA 2.0 Bio edition

Dark linen / Linen metallic

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VERA 2.0 Bio edition

Black / Black metallic

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