Scrolling through social media channels and discovering all amazing and inspirational images of our products on #pappelina makes us very, very proud. Occasionally we will ask to share these images on our own social media or website/webshop and of course by crediting and linking to the owner of the photo (if the owner wants to)


When we ask to do so we ask you to answer with #yespappelina, by that you agree to the following terms and conditions:

·         You give Pappelina AB permission to use any image tagged #yespappelina on www.pappelina.com. The agreement is non-exclusive and royalty-free.

·         Pappelina will never claim ownership of the photos, we simply have the right to use the photos for marketing purposes on www.pappelina.com and in our social channels

·         In short, you approve that all rights to your images still belong to you, that any persons appearing in your photos are in agreement and that Pappelina AB use of your photos does not violate any third party’s rights nor violates any law.

·         You can at any time email info@pappelina.com with the information that you do no longer want your   images to be used by Pappelina AB any longer.

We look forward to sharing your photos and your passion for design