Can a plastic rug be sustainable?

To ask this question of ourselves before buying a new plastic product is completely natural but to answer it, we need to have trusted information to hand. We decided to ask ourselves that very question and explain how we make our choices when it comes to the plastic in our rugs.

Made in Sweden

When you buy a Pappelina rug you can feel assured that it has been manufactured to fully meet the highest demands that exist in today’s world in terms of both environmental and working conditions. Only by using Swedish raw materials and maintaining our entire production in Sweden do we ensure we have full control over our rugs from beginning to end.

Genuine craftsmanship

In our weaving mill in Leksand, Dalarna, founded in the 1940s, our rugs are still traditionally woven by experienced craftsmen – a production process we are tremendously proud of. This ensures we maintain total oversight of our rugs from start to finish and at the same time creating important work opportunities in the local community helping to keep the Swedish artisan tradition of weaving alive.

Great material

We are proud to be picky about our material! We only use the highest quality plastic material. A rug from Pappelina is exclusively woven from the purest plastic ribbons made in Sweden. By purchasing Swedish-made raw material we can meet our high-quality standards and ensure that our rugs do not contain any harmful substances whatsoever. The plastic we use is approved for use in the food industry and to produce toys in both the EU and the US.

New raw material

PVC is a plastic that can be melted down and recycled. But since it is not possible to guarantee that recycled plastic is completely non-toxic, as virgin material always is, we choose to manufacture our rugs with new Swedish raw material.

Low energy consumption & lower carbon dioxide emissions

The plastic we use is manufactured using lower energy consumption and giving rise to lower emissions of carbon dioxide when compared to most other plastics such as the well-known PET and PP.

Energy consumption at manufacturing.

Carbon dioxide emissions at manufacturing.


PVC has an extremely long lifespan. A Pappelina rug lasts for many years as long as our recommended care instructions are followed. This is an important environmental aspect, our carpets are not a wear and tear product that end up being thrown away into the natural environment. When you buy a rug from us, we give you a 3-year warranty.

Guaranteed non-toxic

Our plastic rugs contain no phthalates nor hazardous substance. We guarantee this by using only Swedish plastic raw material sourced from Gislaved Folie AB, a company that is certified according to the international standardizations ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. If you buy a plastic product that has been produced outside of the EU then the plastic, even if it is newly manufactured, can still contain substances classified as hazardous to health.