Why isn’t the rug entirely straight?
Our rugs are made according to traditional techniques, in old looms, using wooden shuttles. It is simply not possible to weave a rug completely straight due to engineering reasons. This is not unique for plastic rugs but for the weaving technique we use and for all rugs made in looms like ours. However, all our rugs are thoroughly checked several times before they leave our warehouse and all rugs that do not meet our high-quality requirements will be sorted.

Why is my rug slightly longer or shorter than stated on the label?
Due to production processes during which the plastic ribbons react in different way, we need to reserve our rugs for a size deviation of ±4%.

Why are there so many different sizes to choose between?
Each rug has a set pattern report which combined with our designer’s intentions, rule the number of different lengths the specific design can be made in.

Can I order a rug according to specific measurements?
Yes, you can now create your dream rug! Have a look at MyPappelina here. Some restrictions apply but we can do a lot!

Can I order a rug in any width?
No, this is not possible since the warp set in our looms rules the width of the rug. Our weaving mill can weave rugs 60, 70, 85, 140, 180 and 230 cm wide.

Can I have the edges of my rug re-welded?
No, this is not possible since the welding machine is hypersensitive. The tiniest piece of dirt can cause damage to the welded edge as well as the machine. We recommend contacting a shoemaker who uses powerful sewing machines and possibly can help sewing a new edge by folding it.

There are folding creases on the rug, what can I do?
Unfold the rug on a flat, hard surface and walk on the creases to straighten them. If you have a round pole of some sort, then roll the rug tightly onto the pole. You can also roll the rug tightly without a pole. If possible then let the rug lay in a rolled-up state for at least 12-24 hours. If you have floor heating, place the rug on that floor and the creases will magically disappear. Please make sure not to fold the edge on rugs with a welded edge.

Can I use my plastic rug outdoors?
Absolutely! Our rugs can be placed indoor as well as outdoor. A Pappelina rug has an extremely high sun and UV resistance. Our rugs have been tested for colour fastness according to the international standardization ISO 105-A05 with the result of a 4 in a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest score. For places with extreme heat, we recommend our rugs with a hemmed edge.
Is the rug suitable for floors with floor heating?
Yes, floor heating is not a problem for our rugs.

Do I need to use an anti-slip underneath my rug?
It is not necessary as the rug is an anti-slip itself, but of course an option if you wish.

Can I use a Pappelina rug in a staircase?
Our rugs can be used in staircases. We recommend hiring a professional rug/carpet installer for installment. Most often, special dimensions are needed to use the rug for a staircase, contact us or a retailer for more information and a quote.

My pet has damaged my rug. What can I do?
Contact us! We can send you plastic ribbons to try to repair the rug by "sewing” with a coarse needle. We are not able to help you with the repair itself.

Can I store the rug in a storeroom in temperatures below 0° C/3° F?
Yes, it may be stored under such conditions. Make sure it is not exposed to any weight since the plastic then may crack. Also, allow the rug to slowly defrost and soften before being rolled out.

How do I clean a rug?
Hand or machine wash cold, at 30°C/85F, or just simply rinse with water or clean with a damp cloth. Our rugs are also extremely easy to vacuum, mop or even to clean outside with a regular or high-pressure hose. Important to use a suitable washing machine, rule of thumbs: size up to 250 cm long in width 60/70 cm in a washing machine with minimum capacity 6 kg. PVC is a 100% colour fast material which will not fade when washing or cleaning the rugs even when using detergents. More information here: www.pappelina.com/en/care-instructions

I want to file a complaint on my Pappelina product, how do I proceed?
Please contact the retailer where you purchased the product and they will help you. If you bought the product from Pappelina, please contact us directly. Remember to show proof of payment and images of the problem. We offer a 3-year warranty on all our products. Warranty applies to production defects, not external factors such as mishandling by the user, for example a knife that was dropped causing damage to the rug or stains caused by use.

I would like to see the product before I buy it, can I receive samples?
Many of our retailers have smaller samples of our rugs and cushion fabrics to show in their stores. We can also send small plastic ribbons to show colour variations in our rugs. Unfortunately, we are not able to send real samples of our rugs due to production reasons. Contact us for more information.

Where can I find a retailer where I live? 
Please visit our website to find retailers worldwide: www.pappelina.com/stores
I’m very allergic with asthmatic problems, is a Pappelina rug suitable for my home?
A Pappelina rug is a non-absorbent hygienic rug that does not hold dust, making it ideal for people with allergies and asthma as well as environments where cleanliness is of great importance.

Plastic, why do Pappelina choose to make rugs in this material? Is that really a good sustainable choice?
Good question! Plastic is a material that has been very debated over the past few years. First, it is important to distinguish between disposable plastics, plastics manufactured with unapproved raw materials and other plastics such as ours. We only use certified phthalate free and non-toxic PVC, manufactured in Sweden, approved by REACH®. By purchasing Swedish-made raw material, we can meet our high-quality standards and guarantee that our rugs do not contain any harmful substances. The plastic we use is approved for use in the food industry and to produce toys in both the EU and the US. A Pappelina rug has a long-life span and you can enjoy your rug for many years to come if you handle it properly, which is important from a sustainability perspective. Read more about our material: www.pappelina.com/en/pvc