The story of VERA and Pappelina through 20 years

Once upon a time...

It all started as a coincidence in 1999 when Lina Rickardsson, the founder and creative director of Pappelina, searched for a weaving mill that could help weave her linen rugs. A small mill in the heart of Sweden, said yes, a weaving mill that actually did not weave in linen but in plastic. Lina’s creative mind soon started to envision designs for plastic rugs instead of linen ones.

Starting with easy, classic stripes, the design ideas soon started to wander towards patterns and the jacquard looms.

“I always been able to visualize my designs, today and back when I started. VERA came to me early, I never had any doubts about the pattern and what colors to do. I knew instantly when the first sample came out of the loom that the design was going to be spot on for Pappelina.”

VERA was launched in august 2002. With confidence that this was a timeless, simple, playful, and contemporary pattern, 8 colors were released; Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Nougat, Orange and Grey. 3 of which colors still today are the same as back then, Black, Red, and Orange.

Since 2002 Pappelina has sold over 150.000 VERA rugs worldwide and still today, she brings a lot of joy to many homes around the world and still is our icon and bestseller.

The VERA pattern through 20 years

Rug with child

1999 | Pappelina was founded.

The name came from Lina weaving paper placemats and linen rugs and her name Lina – Pappelina.

Closeup green and white plastic rug

2000 | The first plastic rug from Pappelina came, named Ken 


2001 | First time at a fair, Formex in Stockholm. 

Showing both linen rugs and plastic rugs. BOB plastic rug was nominated for the prestigious award Formidable and won! 24 linen rugs were sold and 120 plastic rugs. There and then Lina decided to pursuit the path with plastic rugs only.

VERA at Formex fair

2002 | Formex in August 2002, new design VERA

Back at Formex in August 2002, bringing the new design VERA. Instant success and everything snowballed from here.

Oilcloth Pappelina

2003 | The VERA pattern was launched in an oilcloth

Pappelinarug VERA Red on Crossover in Tokyo

2006 | VERA photo shoot in Tokyo at the famous Shibuya crossing. 

The tag line “We’re the icon and the followers are the proof” was invented.

Black kitchentowel from Pappelina

2008 | Kitchentowels launched

Our first kitchen towel, made in 100% cotton, is launched in several of our most popular patterns, including VERA.

Cushions on chairs


Cushions in velvet and exclusive tufted wool rugs are launched in the design VERA.



VERA wool/cotton chenille blanket is launched, made by Swedish re-known manufacturer Klippan Yllefabrik. These blankets are still in our assortment today.

VERA rug in ocean

2012 | VERA is named "an icon"

One of the biggest Swedish newspapers names the VERA rug as a Swedish design classic and icon.

Yellow tray from Pappelina

2016 | Trays in birch veneer

Our exclusive range of kitchen towels is launched. Another lovely accessory for the kitchen, trays in birch veneer, are also added to the catalog. Both kitchen accessories are of course available with the VERA pattern.

Black dishcloth by Pappelina

2017 | VERA Dishcloth

The product loved by all Swedish households for decades – the dishcloth - is launched in poplar Pappelina patterns, VERA being one of them. 

VERA 2.0 Bio edition rug

2022 | VERA 20 YEARS

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the tribute to classic VERA was launched. VERA 2.0 BIO EDITION - the world’s first plastic rug made of carbon neutral PVC.