Choose a rug that reflects your personal style. Get inspired by our vast range of patterns and find something that matches your interior design.


The kitchen is one of the most personal rooms in a home. A room where you cook, spend time with family and friends, and create memories. Make it inviting and cozy. Here are some examples of how our wide range of rugs and runners rugs look in a kitchen environment.


At Pappelina, we have put a lot of love into designing our kitchen rugs and runners. The rugs are durable, easy to clean, and provide a high-end feel.

Ada Cream
Ed Dark Linen
Max Black/Vanilla
Ed Dark Brown
Sten Light Nougat/Vanilla
Fred Beige/Vanilla
Kim Black
Kotte Charcoal/Warm Grey
Carl Sage/Seagrass
Max Ochre/Vanilla
Randy Granit/Grey
Molly Forest
Ada Grey/Granit Metallic
Boo Dark Olive/Vanilla
Carl Warm Grey/Fossil grey
Carl Warm Grey/Fossil Grey
Ed Charcoal/Warm grey/Vanilla
Edit Army/Sage/Stone metallic
Edit Brick/Vanilla/Linen metallic
Edit Dark Brown/Dark Linen/Linen metallic
Edit Dove Blue/Blue Fog/Stone metallic
Effi Dark Red
Effi Granit
Effi Granit
Ella Warm Grey/Vanilla
Fred Beige/Vanilla
Grace Warm Grey
Honey Warm Grey/Vanilla
Ilda Beige/Vanilla
Ilda Pine/Vanilla
Kim Dark Brown
Koi Stone metallic
Kotte Sand/Vanilla
Max Black/Vanilla
Molly Mud
Molly mud
Molly mud