Dive into vacation mode with Pappelina

Summertime is a special time, especially for the Scandinavian people. After a long, cold winter, it's finally time to move outdoors and explore what summer has to offer. From home to the beach, we will follow. Let's switch into vacation mode with Pappelina's colorful rugs.

—a carefully choosen selection representing the vibrant spirit of a Scandinavian summer. They pay tribute to incorporating more color into everyday life and every cherished moment.

A person standing on the sand wrapped in a blue-hued rug named Urvi, wearing white socks and blue sandals.


With its intricate construction of hexagons and three captivating colors, DANA creates a three-dimensional effect that will leave you in awe. But the allure of DANA doesn’t stop there. Flip the rug over, and you’ll discover a reverse pattern reminiscent of an hourglass or zigzag.

A hand holding a plastic bag filled with lemon slices against a clear blue sky background.

A Pappelina rug boasts exceptional sun and UV resistance, ensuring enduring beauty and vibrancy even under the brightest rays.

A person sitting on a striped beach chair under a large cream-colored umbrella on a sandy beach, with a blue-hued Urvi rug beneath the chair. Nearby are a water bottle and a striped container.