Discover the exquisite charm of HONEY, a pattern inspired by the beauty of honeycombs. Created by our visionary designer Lina, this design brings a fresh perspective to the Pappelina collection. With its unique construction and captivating motif, HONEY quickly became a favorite among design enthusiasts when it was launched over a decade ago. HONEY showcases a smaller pattern that forms a harmonious arrangement across the entire rug. The motif is given ample space to shine, allowing its beauty to unfold in all its glory. What sets HONEY apart is its versatility and adaptability. The pattern effortlessly transitions from bold and graphic to subtle and refined, depending on your preference. The variation in popular colors offers a wide range of options to suit any interior style, whether it's a vibrant accent or a soothing neutral tone. Beyond its captivating design, HONEY is also available as a blanket and dishcloth, allowing you to extend its charm and functionality throughout your home. Its enduring appeal and timeless design make it a versatile companion that stands the test of time. One of the remarkable features of HONEY is its "two-in-one" design. By simply reversing the rug, you can create a completely new expression, adding a touch of excitement and versatility to your space. This ingenious design element allows you to refresh and redefine your decor whenever inspiration strikes. The rug is manufactured with the highest quality at Pappelina’ s own weaving mill in Sweden. Pappelina plastic rug HONEY Denim Vanilla
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