Discover the captivating allure of OTIS, a rug designed with round, soft shapes resembling delicate droplets. While the pattern may appear simple, weaving this rug to achieve smooth and seamless edges has proven to be a technical challenge. However, our skilled artisans have mastered the art, ensuring a flawless and polished finish. With its symmetrical design that covers the entire rug, OTIS creates a harmonious visual experience that delights the senses. This pattern has always held a special place in the heart of our designer, Lina, as it effortlessly embodies both simplicity and elegance. The drop-shaped motif makes OTIS an ideal choice for bathroom settings or other wet areas, such as laundry rooms. Its design lends itself perfectly to spaces where water resistance is essential, combining practicality with timeless style. The rug is manufactured with the highest quality at Pappelina’ s own weaving mill in Sweden. Pappelina plastic rug OTIS Mustard Vanilla
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