At Pappelina, stripes have always held a special place in our design library, serving as the heart of our creations. With TEO, we aimed to infuse more colors, joy, and playfulness into our rugs, challenging the prevailing trends of natural colors. TEO's design is a celebration of vibrant hues and the timeless allure of stripes. The inspiration behind this pattern was to encourage the use of multiple colors, creating a captivating visual experience. Each TEO rug features a combination of three colors carefully selected to harmonize and complement one another. This thoughtful color palette adds depth and dimension to the design, infusing your space with a lively and polished aesthetic. To elevate the elegance of TEO even further, we added a fourth matching color to the exclusive handsewn hemmed edge. This finishing detail not only enhances the overall look of the rug but also showcases our dedication to quality craftsmanship. Embrace the charm and vibrant spirit of TEO, where colors and stripes unite in perfect harmony. The rug is manufactured with the highest quality at Pappelina’ s own weaving mill in Sweden. Pappelina plastic rug TEO Sage Army Vanilla
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