Pale Rose/Vanilla

VIGGO ONE, a variation of the beloved VIGGO pattern that has captured our hearts in various versions throughout the years. Since its launch in 2004, VIGGO ONE has consistently ranked among the top 10 patterns, proving that stars never go out of style. VIGGO ONE takes the timeless appeal of VIGGO and introduces a captivating twist. It is specifically designed as a doormat or bathroom-sized rug, offering the same striking and effortlessly simple pattern with a bold, larger star in the same color option. Unleash the captivating simplicity of VIGGO ONE, where a bold star takes center stage and adds a touch of celestial charm to your doormat or bathroom. Let your interior design shine with the enduring allure of stars, embracing the enchantment and timeless beauty that VIGGO ONE brings to your home. Non-absorbent hygienic rug that does not hold dust, making it ideal for people with allergies. Pappelina plastic rug VIGGO SMALL ONE Pale Rose Vanilla
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885 kr